Theorem Technologies, LLC.

Theorem Technologies provides a suite of SaaS solutions dedicated to improving post trade management; Reporting, Risk, Reconciliation, P&L Attribution, Allocations, Compliance, and other tools. Theorem’s mission is to make world-class technologies more accessible. Firms of all sizes and complexities leverage Theorem’s data-rich reporting and reconciliation tools which adapt to their needs without any programming required. From multiple-broker aggregation, to allocations, to multi-party reconciliations, Theorem makes post-trade management better.

The Theorem SaaS solution has been in production for four (4) years and has an established client base including some of the largest commodity merchants, agricultural trading firms and a diverse network of brokers.

Theorem serves a broad array of financial institutions. The SaaS solution is multi-asset class and is designed to deliver a seamless, efficient and highly automated middle-office to back-office to any financial institution and their broker account management. Buy-sides – hedge funds, asset managers / proprietary trading firms and market makers / as well as corporations with complex hedge strategies. FCMs and Prime Brokers can utilize Theorem as a white-labeled client-facing web portal – to deliver differentiating data services to their clients whilst reducing their top-day operational and firm risk.