CTAExpo LLC was established in 2008 and Emerging Manager Forum was established in 2010, to help professional alternative investors, allocators and capital raisers meet and identify new trading talent in the CTA, Hedge Fund, FX and alternative management space and to promote alternative investments. For the first time in Chicago we will be using our new digital forum format to allow emerging managers to connect in a one on one virtual meeting room, with potential investors. Managers will have the same opportunities to meet investors but in a safe, cost effective virtual environment. Sponsors will have the opportunity to connect with asset managers and capital sources through audio and visual podcasts they produce which will be posted to our exclusive virtual resource library.

Every CTAExpo LLC Conference has a different flavor, there is little overlap between attendees at each of our conferences. In 2018 there were over 700 unique attendees at the 3 conferences, over 43% of which had never been to a CTAExpo conference before. An average of 42 Traders attended each of our 2018 conferences and the ratio of attendees registered as Capital Sources to Trader has increased, we are consistently seeing an increase in attendees registered as Capital Sources at our events, as well as the number of Service Providers attending our conferences decline. CTAExpo Chicago and CTAExpo/Emerging Manager Forum New York registrations are still reaching capacity consistently. In 2018 Emerging Manager Forum Miami registrations again hit an all-time high, with a strong local Florida contingent.

Our website traffic in 2018 included almost 2500 unique visitors per month (This does not include online conference materials). The 2018 Electronic Conference materials, including Service Provider Directories, Trader Directories, Conference Program and Public Registration List were read almost 6000 times. In 2017 CTAExpo published our first e-book, An Emerging Manager’s Game Plan.

New Virtual Format

CTAExpo Chicago is now a 3 day virtual event allowing managers to meet and make presentations to investors in virtual one on one meeting rooms. For emerging managers this represents a unique opportunity to expand their network and develop meaningful relationships in a safe cost effective way.

Virtual Resource Library

Registrants will have exclusive early access to our new virtual resource library. It will feature both audio and visual podcasts produced by industry professionals. It is designed to give emerging managers insights on topics such as how to make an effective virtual presentation, raising aum in today’s environment, establishing an institutional quality back office and how to connect with investors through social media.

Emerging Manager Directory

Emerging managers that register for the event will receive a complimentary page in our manager resource directory. The directory is used by investors to help them locate managers who fit the strategy profiles they are looking for.