We have documented the privacy policy of CTA Expo, LLC to eliminate any confusion that might exist on how the information you provide on your registration form is used and to give you the options we provide to restrict the use of your personal information.

CTA Expo does not sell, rent, or share personal information with anyone, except as stated below, unless ordered by a court of law

CTA Expo, LLC collects personal information, that may include; name, company name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and credit card and banking information, when you register for a CTA Expo event. CTA Expo publishes and distributes a public registration list at each conference to each attendee that only includes, name, company name, address and telephone number. The registration form for CTA Expo allows you to opt out of being included in the public registration list.

CTA Expo provides the sponsors of each CTA Expo event, in advance, a list of the attending traders with their e-mail addresses. The registration form for CTA Expo allows CTAs to opt out of being included on this list.

CTA Expo may send information provided by our sponsors to the public registration list by e-mail. CTA Expo may provide the public registration list to our sponsors in advance. You can opt pursuant to the above options from these e-mails and the public registration list.

Registration for a CTA Expo event does add you to the distribution list of CTA Expo for information on future CTA Expo events. You may opt out of the distribution list of CTA Expo by following the instructions to unsubscribe on any e-mail you receive or by notifying CTA Expo at [email protected].