SwissRepCo is a Swiss Representation company regarding fund raising or third party marketing to institutions, family offices and High Net Worth Individuals. As per Swiss law, it is now a requirement for any non-Swiss fund to be registered with a Swiss Representative to be compliant regarding Distribution within Switzerland. Distribution is the Swiss legal term that covers any contact, whether solicited or unsolicited (including reverse solicitation), between an investment fund or partnership and any potential or existing Swiss investor.

SwissRepCo’s co-founders; Dermot Butler and Lancelot Frick, have between them over 80 years of experience within the alternative investments world and are now making their experience available to you.
If as a manager, you have existing relationships within the Swiss investor market or you would like to develop your fund within this large market, then let SwissRepCo be your key to the Swiss market.

For further information please email or call +41 22 318 56 00