By Bruce Frumerman

There are two parts to marketing investment products to sophisticated institutional investors: sales marketing and communications marketing. Sales marketing is the process of selling to these prospects and their advisors. But what is it that the prospects are told? That’s the job of communications marketing.

In its April MARKETING TO SOPHISTICATED INVESTORS column, Frumerman & Nemeth offers 10 recommended steps to take for building or refining your investment management firm’s communications marketing plan.

To read or download the article, Two Marketing Plans Every Investment Firm Needs: Plan #2, please click here.

Harvest, the online platform where money management firms share insights with investors, asked Frumerman & Nemeth to write a monthly column on MARKETING TO SOPHISTICATED INVESTORS for its Asset Manager Marketing Hub, which was created to provide educational content to help its money management firm users better communicate with their current and prospective investors.

Bruce Frumerman is founder and CEO of Frumerman & Nemeth Inc., a 30-year-old financial communications and sales marketing consultancy that helps financial services firms create brand identities for their organizations and develop and implement effective new marketing strategies and programs. Frumerman & Nemeth’s work has helped money management firm clients attract over $7 billion in new assets, yet they are not third-party marketers. The firm achieves this by helping clients create the ammunition they need to do a better job than their competitors in educating and persuading people to understand and buy into the beyond the numbers story of how they invest. This is the very content investment committees actually discuss behind closed doors and vote on when considering firms on a short list for potential investment. Mr. Frumerman can be reached at [email protected], or by visiting