Mark de Souza : Co-Portfolio Manager, Cohesion Partners

Mr. de Souza is an advisor to Family Offices in Chicago and Europe. He is a Principal and Associated Person of BdS Quant, LLC a registered Commodity Trading Advisor specializing in designing automated trading systems and multi-black box execution. Mr. de Souza also serves as Executive Director of Global Business Development at County Cork LLC and joined the firm in June of 2012. In 1985, Mr. de Souza became a member of the Chicago Board of Trade in 1985 and moved to the CME as a member in 1992, specializing in institutional execution as Partner in International Futures and Options Associates, a firm with over 150 employees on three exchanges. In 2005, Mr. de Souza worked in the U.A.E. establishing capital relationships for a number of U.S. based fund managers. Mr. de Souza has been a partner in a CME based FCM and a FINRA registered broker dealer. A current member of the CME, Mr. de Souza holds a Series 3 license.