Anthony Birbilis : Chief Executive Officer, Cohesion Partners Inc

Anthony Birbilis has been an advisor to family offices as well as a trader for over 25 years. From 1994 until 2008, Mr. Birbilis was a proprietary trader and market maker at MBF Clearing Corp., a clearing and proprietary trading firm based in New York. In the years preceding that, from 1991 to 1994, he was a Sr. VP of Tricon, a division of Commodities Corp. He became a member of the New York Mercantile Exchange in 1986 and served on its Board of Directors for seven years. He also served on numerous compliance and business committees. As a member of NYMEX he has traded both on and off the floor as a market maker, a trader for an oil company and was a General Partner of two funds. Since 2005 he has also worked as an Advisor/ Investment Banker working with his own firms Ganse Group and Burren Capital as well as Milner Weiss and Chevalier & Co. Mr. Birbilis graduated from New York University in 1984 with a BS in Finance/International Business.