Wedbush Futures

Wedbush Futures, a division of Wedbush Securities Inc., is one of the largest capitalized non-bank Futures Commission Merchants (“FCM”) in the United States. Wedbush Futures specializes in clearing and financing activities for professional traders and strategic correspondents. Located in Chicago, we are at the forefront of the brokerage business with deep roots in the futures industry and a distinguished track record in financial services.

Paramount to Wedbush Futures’ staunch commitment to clients is a deep dedication to service. Operating as a clearing partner, we work diligently to ensure an exceptional client experience. Our fundamental focus on agility and responsiveness sets us apart in the futures marketplace.

Wedbush Futures is keenly focused on expanding cross-asset clearing coverage to include four major asset classes: Futures, Equities, Options and Treasuries.

Through a strong partnership with Wedbush Securities affiliate Lime Brokerage, Wedbush Futures has expanded its execution service offering into multiple US markets. Lime provides low-latency access and hosting services to many of the world’s top trading companies and their affiliates.

Wedbush Futures offers a variety of value add products that include third party margin financing programs, Lime Strategy Studio (an end-to-end solution to develop, test, and deploy automated trading strategies), relationship and account management expertise for all clients, and access to recruitment talent and placement through our University Outreach Program.

In the tradition of Wedbush Securities, who has been serving its clients for over 60 years, Wedbush Futures provides its clients the same unparalleled service.