Profit & Loss

Launched in 1999 by Founding Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Julie Ros, P&L Services Ltd has consistently provided informative, relevant insight into the latest developments within the FX industry sourced by our experienced, independent team of staff journalists. Profit & Loss: in the currency & derivative markets magazine provides unique, monthly coverage of both the buy and sell sides of FX and places strong emphasis on analysing strategic shifts and technological advances to ensure readers are equipped with the knowledge for efficient growth.

P&L’s product range continues to expand, offering market participants a reliable and mobile source of information. Squawkbox, a weekly e-newsletter that reports on industry news, developments and appointments every Monday morning, while the website ( comprises a wealth of material including a comprehensive, fully searchable archive of all published articles. The Profit & Loss website also carries video content and podcasts, which are made freely available to readers as part of our online service.

P&L Services also runs the highly successful Forex Network and FX Growth Markets series of global conferences. These premier industry conferences provide ideal platforms for international networking and establishing valuable working relationships. Profit & Loss holds regular, annual conferences in London, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Singapore, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and across Asia, as well as workshops for the HFT and fund management sectors.