Dataminr is a real-time information discovery company that generates alerts on activity across multiple, publicly available sources, such as social media, blogs, information sensors and the dark web. Relied on 24/7 by thousands of clients in over 70 countries worldwide, Dataminr provides individuals with information and context on breaking events through real-time alerts.

Dataminr for Finance, our finance product, discovers, distills and alerts on activity across multiple publicly available sources, so you can learn about market-impacting events earlier and have the opportunity to make more informed decisions.

Worldwide, financial professionals on the buy-side and sell-side are using Dataminr for Finance to learn about market-moving events earlier. Our product, fueled by alternative data, helps buyside and sellside professionals discover trading signals that can be transformed into sharper insights, better opportunities, and more profitable decisions. With Dataminr for Finance, finance professionals are in the best position to manage today’s information chaos and create opportunities for a seamless response to market-impacting events.