Capital Trading Group LLLP

Capital Trading Group, LP (“CTG”) is an investment firm specializing in execution and account management for today’s leading Commodity Trading Advisors. CTG’s operations coordinate all aspects of a professionally managed fund or trading program.

Our professional services are designed to make every aspect of your CTA business as efficient as possible. Our operations will be configured to help make your life easier so you can focus on what you do best: Trade.

CTG will oversee allocations –We’ll help you set up your electronic or pit execution, and establish a single block trading account that will enable NFA required APS pricing across all FCMs. We’ll make every one of your accounts, across any and all FCMs, receive their respective trades. Every day we reconcile each client account for accuracy: positions, equity, margin, fees, etc.

CTG customizes Position and Equity reports to just how you, the CTA, want to see them. We include the information that you want to see every day. Our position reports are updated in real-time throughout the trading day, so you always know exactly what positions you have one overall, and in each respective account.

Lastly, CTG has a relationship with our money managers in efforts to help grow their business. We provide front, middle and back office administrative services but most importantly we focus on helping gain exposure to outside investors and raise money.