By Jim Kharouf – John Lothian News

The American Financial Exchange (AFX) is set to list its first Ameribor futures products – 3-month and 7-day Ameribor futures – on August 16, 2019, the 42nd anniversary of the launch of Treasury bond futures. John Lothian News contributing editor Jim Kharouf sat down with Richard Sandor, chairman and CEO of AFX, to talk about new contracts, how the interest rate benchmark space is evolving and why now is the time for a new interest rate contract.

Sandor knows plenty about starting new markets, from listing the first interest rate contracts on the Chicago Board of Trade in the 1970s to launching the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) in 2003 as the first U.S. emissions cap-and-trade market for all six greenhouse gases. After creating a viable spot market with AFX beginning in 2015, Sandor’s now says it is time to build futures markets for the US’s regional, mid-sized and community banks, which collectively hold $9 trillion in assets. This could reset the way banks set rates and create new products from credit cards to commercial loans.

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