Profit & Loss for Forex Network NYC is set for May 24th at the Crowne Plaza Times Square, with an opening with a Fireside Chat entitled “Keeping Pace with Cryptos” with Mike Gill, Chief of Staff to CFTC Chairman Christopher Giancarlo, and CFTC COO.

The annual event will take a look at the emergence of cryptocurrencies and tokens as a “new economy”, one that offers enticing opportunities for traders given the volatility these products exhibit and their lack of correlation to traditional asset classes. The growth in these digital assets in 2017 was extreme, can the beta tailwinds continue in 2018? And with the emergence of so many new exchanges, cryptocurrencies and tokens, where should investors look for the best alpha opportunities?

Looking beyond cryptos, a data-focussed presentation will discuss what practical steps firms can take to improve returns, which leads into the next discussion looking at AI and machine learning for trading.

The all-important topic of credit will discuss what credit provision may look like going forward and how technology is having an impact.

The future of electronic trading considers what electronic trading will look like in the years ahead. Will the democratization of data end up eroding alpha? Will distributed ledger technologies fundamentally change the way that trading occurs?

Hedging FX positions is taken up by a panel of buy side traders in the afternoon, with a look at how today’s investment climate raises new FX-related headaches for investors. Is this provoking a rethink of previous decisions about hedging currency exposures?

Rounding out the day, is another a buy side panel that assesses the macro outlook. Where might QE have hidden bubbles in financial markets? As geopolitical boundaries harden, can markets remain global?

Profit & Loss Forex Network NYC will address all these questions and more. Registration is free for members of the buy side. Visit for the latest program updates and registration information, or email [email protected] to register today.