Welcome to the first of a series of articles offering insights and tips to prepare money management firms for improving their abilities to out-market competitors and attract assets from sophisticated investors in the coming post-pandemic, recessionary world.

In its April MARKETING TO SOPHISTICATED INVESTORS column for Harvest Exchange, Frumerman & Nemeth shares its first tip for money management firm owners in planning and preparing so that they are in a better position communications and sales marketing-wise to meet what will be stiffer due diligence vetting by sophisticated institutional investors in the recessionary, post-pandemic market environment.

To read or download the article, Preparing For Asset Raising In The Post-Pandemic, Recessionary World – Tip 1, please click here.


Harvest, the online platform where money management firms share insights with investors, asked Frumerman & Nemeth to write a monthly column on MARKETING TO SOPHISTICATED INVESTORS for its Asset Manager Marketing Hub, which was created to provide educational content to help its money management firm users better communicate with their current and prospective investors.

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