ArtQuant ad a4Artquant Ltd. – a company that provides financial technology software solutions – has launched Portfolioand.Me  (, a tool for the fundamental analysis of the US stock market that is based on Artificial Intelligence. The tool allows users to create and adjust stock portfolios, as well as to track stock and ETF trends. The program also analyzes the potential of the portfolio and gives the user ideas on how to improve it. The company plans to launch this product on both domestic and foreign markets, with a focus on the US market. Artquant is currently looking for beta-testers who are ready to work with Portfolioand.Me and to share their impressions. The testers will be provided with free access to all functions of the product.

Portfolioand.Me is a simple tool for working with stocks – knowing the basics of how financial markets work is enough to use it. The website features all of the tools users need for the full cycle of working with stock portfolios, starting with the first step – creating the portfolio.

The user has two options for creating a stock portfolio. The first option is to use a special algorithm that is integrated into the website. With this option, the user has to answer several simple questions (priority industries, portfolio timeline, rebalancing frequency, etc.) and the algorithm uses the answers to create the stock portfolio. The program will show the user the metrics for that particular portfolio over the past ten years with the help of an easy-to-read graph that allows users to zoom in on details. The second option is to handpick the stocks. After the user is finished picking out stocks, the portfolio can be tested.

Our most important innovation is the function that allows users to analyze and improve the portfolio. The function ensures a detailed check of the portfolio that includes the identification of a general strategy, priority industries, the value of selected stocks, efficiency of investments, etc. Moreover, the program will offer users ideas on how to improve the portfolio and suggest stocks that match the user’s criteria and fit well with the portfolio.

“Fundamental analysis is a fairly complicated procedure that is often unavailable to private investors, since it requires specific skills and access to a lot of information. Nonetheless, this is the most reliable method for making decisions on the stock market. People like Warren Buffet use it. Our objective is to help investors understand how fundamentally sound their portfolios are and how they can be improved,” said Ilya Filipov, CEO of Artquant Ltd.

Access to basic functions is completely free and extended functions are available to subscribers. Subscriptions range from $20 to $100 per month. Artquant plans to launch the product in foreign markets at the end of 2015. Company experts have stated that Artquant will be focusing on the US market. The main reasons for this include the large number of financial institutions, a developed stock market, the willingness of market participants to try new financial tools and a lot of opportunities to develop a new business. The combination of all of these factors makes the US market ideal for developing a financial technology startup.


About the project:

Portfolioand.Me is a tool for the fundamental analysis of the American stock market that is based on artificial intelligence. It is a project of Artquant Ltd – a company that specializes in software in the field of financial technology.


Contact Information:

Alina Chunaeva, Head of Communications

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