By Shinnecock Partners

Sophisticated-investor anxiety has reached new highs with almost every financial market at a rapid boil. Worldwide equities rock n’ roll. U.S. equity multiples remain at historic levels. Until recently, bonds motored along without a care in the world about higher interest rates from inflation or central banks taking the easy-money punch bowl away.

The “bee’s knees” might be specialty lending, such as factoring or merchant cash advance (MCA). This yield solution, carefully undertaken, offers:

  • Double-digit yield
  • Short duration – measured in months, not years

We have provided a link to our new research paper on this opportunity. Click Here It’s a detailed primer covering:

  • Fulsome descriptions of both factoring and MCA loan originators, including the lingo
  • Regulatory history and framework
  • Detailed investor evaluation touchstones

Our goal is to provide enough meat on the bones for our readers to make an informed decision as to whether this opportunity matches their own investment objectives for a suitable risk/return balance.

There is room at the inn because this market is growing heartily, with alternative lenders filling the void left from banks abandoning the small business market. And, small businesses generate the most jobs, which may make this “Impact” investing – just kidding, well sort of.

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