Murano Connect LP

Murano was established in 2011 in order to address the growing dislocation between asset managers and allocators and is changing the way funds raise capital.

Many investors receive unnecessary and unwanted calls from funds that have not bothered to research who they are or how they invest their money. On the flip side, managers are forced into the soul-destroying process of cold calling and emailing investors in order to gain interest in their fund. It is a frustrating, time consuming process for both parties.

The Murano team speak with allocators all over the world in order to better understand where they are looking to allocate. Our objective is to garner a deeper understanding of investors and their requirements, which we achieve through highly targeted questioning. When an investor’s allocation strategy matches the investment characteristics of a client fund that subscribes to our bespoke service, we facilitate a connection.

By leveraging accurate market intelligence, Murano reduces the time and costs involved in raising assets, and increases the likelihood of an allocation.

Research Driven. Investor Focused.