The Florida Alternative Investment Association (FLAIA) is a not-for-profit 501 (C) 6 organization created to establish Florida as an internationally leading center for Alternative Investment management. Our mission spans a broad-range of areas including Community Building, Education, Branding, Capital Attraction, Business Attraction, and Policy Optimization. Our ultimate goal is to articulate the State of Florida’s impressive strengths as a center for Alternative Investment management and systematically strengthen the state’s Alternative Investment “eco-system” over time.
•A not – for –profit alternative investment association – originally started in 2007 as the South Florida Hedge Fund Manager Association.
•Members located in 11 different countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Columbia, France, Great Britain, India, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, and USA.
•All institutional Alternative Investment fund located in the state of Florida.
•Over 143 members representing a total of AUM of $761 billion:
- 24% are Fund Managers representing approximately $354 Billion in AUM
- 10% are Best of Breed Service Providers
- 66% are investors representing approximately $607 Billion in buy side
•We focus on: “facilitating the flow of information and collaboration between Fund Managers, Government Officials, Service Providers & Investors by connecting, Informing, establishing, enabling, growing, and advising on key issues like alignment of interests, transparency and best practices for our stakeholders. ”